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Tank Depot

We provide a wide range of services for ISO Tank Containers. Our services include Cleaning, Repairs, Pressure Testing, Pneumatic Test, 5 Years Hydro-Test, Steam Heating and Trucking Services. In addition, we provide outside services to customers.

We deliver integrated and comprehensive services across our sites for:

Tank Depot Services
  • Tank container operators
  • Tank container lessors
  • Tank container lessees
  • The chemical industry
  • The petro-chemical industry
  • The oil industry

Services offered at our tank depot include:

  • Cleaning services for ISO tank containersmore ↓
Cleaning services
  • We are able to clean 60 tanks per day.
  • Internal and external cleaning of ISO tank containers.
  • Cleaning of tanks for various types of cargo such as general cargo, food, chemical and hazardous cargo.
  • Advanced cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and fume extractors.
  • With 12 fume extractor connections at our cleaning bays and each cleaning bay connected, we can simultaneously clean 12 tank containers.

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  • Repair and maintenance services for ISO tank containersmore ↓
Repair services
  • On/Off Hire
  • Preparation and assignment of approved PE for radiographic test with original NTI certification
  • In-Service
  • Frame Structure
  • Cladding For GRP Aluminum
  • Statutory Tests For 2.5/ & 5 Years
  • Repair of ISO Tank Containers Shell Barrel

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Trucking services
  • We provide fast, efficient and reliable trucking services from port, direct to the customer's premises and from the customer's premises to depot.

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  • Treating waste water from cleaningmore ↓
Waste water treating services
  • The waste water treatment system is monitored by the authorities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We comply with all environmental and legislative regulations.

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Other Tank Depot Services <empty>

Pressure testing for ISO tank containers

  • We provide comprehensive pressure testing services.
ISO tank container heating cargo <empty>

ISO tank container heating cargo

  • Temperature-controlled transport for your cargo.
  • With advanced temperature sensors, we provide a reliable service with precision-controlled insulation or heating.
Technical support services <empty>

Our technical support services

  • Our technical support can help you to reduce risk and minimize downtime for your operations.

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Ask us about what we can do for you.

Contacts for ISO tank depot services

Mr. Ronny Tan
Regional General Manager (South East Asia)
Mobile: (65) 8118 3608
Email: ronny.tan@engkong.com



Mr. Alvin Ho
Depot Manager
Phone: (65) 6862 3507
Mobile: (65) 9699 9510
Email: alvin.ho@engkong.com


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