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Sales and Trading of Containers

Eng Kong is actively involved in the sales and trading of used containers through our subsidiary company, PCL (Pte) Ltd. As a subsidiary of the Eng Kong Group, this company provides assistance with the sale and trade of containers saving our clients time and money. We have a sound global network of agents and suppliers to assist you with the sale and trade of:

  • Containers in their current condition and those that are cargo-worthy/IICL condition.

  • Standard 20’ and 40’/40’HC dry vans and specials.

  • Specialist shipping and transportation equipment.

At Eng Kong, we provide you a consistently high level of service that streamlines the process of sales and trading, not only saving your business operations time and money but also making container sales and trading easy and hassle free.

PCL (Pte) Ltd
13 Tuas Avenue 11
Singapore 639079

Phone: (65) 6558 7106/8
Fax: (65) 6897 8578
Email: jenny.kuo@engkong.com

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